Maxine Bone (b. 1987) is a contemporary oil painter known internationally for her large, hyper realistic portrayals of wildlife and landscapes. She was born and raised on a farm in a remote area of Zimbabwe, surrounded by wildlife and nature. It was her idyllic childhood days of roaming around the Zambezi River and Mana Pools National Park area where her love for the natural world and conservation began. In 2004, amidst the political turmoil sweeping through her native country, Maxine’s father picked her up from school, told her to pack her bags and had their family on a plane to the United States within hours. She was transported to Florida, where culture shock and an American education awaited. Her father, world acclaimed wildlife artist Craig Bone, taught her all she knows today about painting and professionalism in the art world. She would spend many childhood days standing behind his easel watching her Dad paint in awe. His effortless strokes compiled the most breathtaking paintings she had ever seen. Her father has a painting hanging in the Pentagon and has realized sales of his artwork in the six figures. In her own studies, Maxine would sometimes start a painting at 6 am, only to have her father pour turpentine over the piece in the afternoon so she would start anew. Maxine has used those precious techniques learned to form her own style and presence in the art world.

She now resided in Fairfax, VA. Maxine creates artworks from hyperrealism, to a looser, more vibrant style of painting after studying her reference material to figure out which route to take beforehand. In closeup paintings of big cats, for example, it may be that the essence of the painting is best seen in the tight fur details and therefore would require an ultra-realistic approach. Scenes with dramatic lighting may look best when those colors are accentuated with a bit of a looser, more dramatic brushstroke. Each painting has a unique technique that she feels will best suit that image. When the paint meets canvas, Maxine hopes to inspire, evoke a sense of nostalgia and encourage people to seek a deeper appreciation for the natural world around us. She brings her love of wild animals and their habitats right to the surface of her perfectly painted canvases.